About me and contact

Hi there, my name is Anouk. Growing up in probably the most boring part of The Netherlands, it’s really hard to be creative or to express yourself. Starting a blog kind of gives me a way of expressing myself and to do what I love to do most; writing. I’m not a professional, far from it. But I’m still learning and maybe one day I’ll earn enough money to afford more professional stuff. I know this is very honest and not really a good way to express yourself towards your viewers and companies, but it’s nothing but honesty and that is what I want to accomplish with my blog. I want to be sincere and make you guys the happiest that I can. On my blog I will share my experiences and you’ll see me travel a lot. You’ll see me learn about different cultures and about life. You’ll sometimes find me sneaking in some posts about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I will be honored if you will go with me on the journey. All my love, stay beautiful, Anouk.

For contact you can email me on: anouksuzanne@hotmail.com



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